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Get the Facts

  • Members of the RCMP are proud to be part of their communities and communities are proud of the RCMP. Over 80% of Saskatchewanians are satisfied with RCMP Member’s policing service.
  • Currently, there are ~1,375 Members serving Saskatchewan through 113 detachments including 10 cities, 140+ towns, 225+ villages, and nearly 300 rural municipalities.
  • From Grasslands National Park to the Athabasca Sand Dunes, the Saskatchewan RCMP polices 99% of the 651,900 square kilometers that make up the province and almost 50% of the population. This includes the most rural and remote areas in Saskatchewan.
  • The workload for the SK RCMP rises year after year. In 2021, Saskatchewan RCMP received 350,000+ calls for service, up from 250,000+ just five years earlier.
  • Nearly half of Saskatchewan residents believe police budgets should be increased, providing more resources to allow Members to be patrolling communities and promoting public safety in Saskatchewan.  
  • 66% (2/3) of Saskatchewanians have not heard of the province’s plan to develop a Saskatchewan Marshal Service.
  • Three times as many Saskatchewanians would rather see $20 million invested in increasing RCMP service than invested in a new Marshal Service.
  • 64% of Saskatchewanians believe the Saskatchewan government has not adequately consulted the public about establishing the Saskatchewan Marshal Service.
  • 80% of Saskatchewanians believe that before the SMS is established there needs to be a detailed accounting of the costs and impacts to service levels.
  • 72% of Saskatchewanians believe there are more important priorities in Saskatchewan and the government should be focused on funding these as opposed to creating the SMS.  

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